If you're looking for an “ All Around “ horse facility in the Inland Northwest don't look any further than Kruger Ranch as the place for all of your and your horse’s needs. Organized as a Limited Liability Company, this ranch is owned and operated by Harold & Debbie Kruger & an experienced staff. The Kruger Ranch offers a full range of services such as boarding, breeding, training, lessons, clinics, overnight stabling & more. Mare foaling services are also available in large foaling stalls with stall cameras with web viewing for mare owners. A variety of horse related supplies and equipment are also available for purchase at the barn or can be custom ordered, if needed.

The Kruger Ranch horse breeding operation provides a Stallion Station that benefits both stallion & mare owners. A select group of breeding stallions are gathered at this easy access location. With the large number of visitors stopping by the facility, this makes the stallions more accessible to interested mare owners. These select stallions represent a variety of equine disciplines and breeds. Individual mare and foal care allow for a safe and successful breeding experience. The ranch also receives cooled shipped semen from stallions around the country for artificial insemination to mares brought in to be bred. All collections and artificial inseminations are performed by licensed, qualified Veterinarians at the Kruger Ranch.

Kruger Ranch is a "Full care facility for Horses & Their Owners.


We are located north of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in the beautiful Idaho Panhandle. Kruger Ranch is easily found between Idaho State Highways #95 and #41, and can been seen while traveling across the Rathdrum Prairie on Hayden Avenue. We are within sight of the Coeur d'Alene Airport and 30 minutes from the Spokane International Airport. Directions to Kruger Ranch


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